Gravity shelving


Gravity pallet racks are used to store products on roller tracks that are located at an angle of 3-5% to the horizon. This type of shelving is widely used. They are used to store large quantities of goods.

Construction characteristics

Frames are the basis of shelving.
They consist of two uprights, diagonal braces and beams. The connection of beams and braces with vertical uprights is carried out using bolts of different lengths. All uprights have two rows of cup-shaped grooves in their front wall to ensure a perfect fit of the beams. The slots in the posts allow you to change the height in 50 mm increments. 

Beams are horizontal and stable elements of the rack on which the cargo is placed.
Each beam is equipped with two clamps, which are designed to prevent the beam from falling out in case of possible contact with loading and unloading equipment. 

Installation of the structure

Installation of beams to frames is carried out using connectors and clamps, the design of which has been carefully designed in order to ensure safety and ease of installation; the clamps are made in the form of a spring-loaded stopper, and the connectors are equipped with 5 hooks.

Calculation of technical characteristics

The forces taken into account when calculating the performance are as follows:

  • Self-weight of the rack

  • Stored cargo

  • Additional forces resulting from load storage or assembly tolerances

  • Efforts transmitted by lifting mechanisms